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Definately a traffic maker, Jodi knows how to get the people in the gate, excellent promoter!! A+++ in my book! and the booth spaces are great price!!
LOVE the Hotel/Booth Combo!!!
Sheri W., West Palm Beach, FL
Thank you so much for having this event, Easter Extravaganza, we had alot of fun and there we SO MANY PRIZES! Great event!! Definately looking forward to next year! 
Sandy R., Port Charlotte, FL
I truly enjoyed attending the Holidayfest. Our whole family came 2 adults and 2 children and it was a great day for the family to spent together.. I look forward to coming next year. It wasn't that expensive for a family of 4  either and I liked that.
Jamie, N.P., FLorida
You did a great job for your first event of this size(about 10,000), a couple changes need to be made with more seats for eating or resting but I loved the big spaces and i had great sales at your event!! I'll be back in the fall.
Mike Cramer, Miami, Fl
What a first class event... you definately drove the traffic to the event with your advertising... the best campaign I've seen from an event planner. I will definately be back for the next Holidayfest!!!
Betty Boyd, FL
 Having been an advertising client for 6 years with Jodi, I was consistently impressed by her professionalism. My ad campaigns were genius and grew my business by over 20%, by tracking ads and having a "WOW" factor. Thank you!”
Port Charlotte Florist, Conneaut, OH
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Gingham and Lace Productions was recommended to me by a friend for my wedding plans, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Every detail was covered big or small. Keep up the good work!”
Julia, Jefferson, Oh
I have to say that Jodi is a very creative advertising and campaign manager. In a matter of 4 weeks, I had my commercial produced, flyers distributed and coupons in the local paper. With tracking codes on each we developed a budget based on response. I am no longer wasting money on ads that dont work. Thank you , Jodi for all your hard work!! Drinks on me.
Joel, Kahunaville, Warren, Oh
Walking into LA Weight Loss every day was a chore, Jodi would have themed parties for us all the time. Casino night with the slot machines and card games, at Halloween the office was decorated to the 9's to Wizard of Oz ( she handmade a hot air balloon 8 ft high to mount on the wall) it was AWESOME!!!! The trees were handmade and the yellow brick road and Emerald City with the strobe light was the coolest! Let's not forget the tornado in the front lobby. Jodi's creativity and attention to detail won them the Best Decorated Center in the 8 state region... Way to Go!!! Keep up the fun!!
Kathy B., Port Charlotte, Fl
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